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My bf is a 62 year-old lawyer (I'm in my 20s). We've known each other for 2 year, but dating for just less than a year. I'm in love with him because of his knowledge, experience, sense of humor... He usually helps my family member about legal works, teaches me about life. I've had great time with him since we dated each other, we went on many trips, doing things together a lot. By the way, we already talked somehow about getting married. But just a couple of days ago, when he asked me when I will be moving in w/ him?, and asked me if my parents would accept him?(u know, age gap!), I said "yes, she accepted". And he asked a shocking question (at least to me): "Will she still pay for your school?" (I'm a college student). And he added: "Your mother pays for your tuition, I'll pay for everyday things..".
I was shocked. How could he be so cold and selfish like that? When I told him that it's hard for my parents to keep paying for my school in a long run (5-6 years more). And all he tried to do was to find out if any other small colleges (instead of the public university I want to go to that charges me $16,000 for a year) could charge less for me to attend? If any other ways for me to get the similar kind of degree without paying that much? Anyway, the point is I'm shocked because of the way he approached the problem. ALl the perfect image of an understanding, wise, fun and sweet man was broken in me. I hurt a lot right now.

Can you guys tell me if he really loves and cares for me? Are all his reactions cold and selfish? Or I'm just asking too much from him?


I'll try to be short... can't guarantee anything though.

Met a man two years ago. He's 38 and I'm 27 now. back then he told me, he was using crack ocassionaly, i stopped talking to him because of that. even though he was man enough to tell me, it was my choice to be associated with him or not. i chose not to... now I learned that he had a girlfriend back then, because he told me. Kinda glad I made the decision I did.

didn't talk to him for 2 years roughly. My cousin invited him to the New years party... as soon as I saw him and he saw me, there was a spark. There has always been one, just the fact that he did that on a recreational basis, didn't mean he was a bad guy.

He told me, he wasn't using it any longer because he lost his job due to it. So i decided to talk to him again. We've gotten to know each other. 2 months later he met my mom and my sister and her fam. They loved him. I told my mom about it and I told him my fears about the whole situation as well. My mom still loves him and thinks he's the perfect guy for me.

I wasn't really ready for a relationship yet, even though i've been single for 2 years. The type of man he is, it's just the man that i've waited to be with, besides the imperfections.

He's my boyfriend now. He asked me to be his girl at first, but i said no, because i didn't want any pressure. the second time, after my family left back to CT, he asked me and I said yes, because he's a great guy and he had already introduced me as his girlfriend to his father in front of me.

That same night that i said yes to him, he kinda confessed he still had feelings for his ex... the way he expressed about the pain he put him through. Lead me to believe he still felt for her. He admit it to it as well... I decided to stick by him...

Two days ago, he told me he had something to say to me. He said, it was very difficult to say it, but he felt it was my right to know, since things were starting to take shape in our relationship. He said he has Leukemia, showed me papers of his white blood cell count and what the doctors thought he had. I cried, because although i'm not in love with him yet. i'm starting to feel for him and i was angry at him that he didn't tell me before. I felt all the important details he was telling me after the fact. He's been pretty honest with me, but not at the right time.

His ex knows about it as well... 3 months ago she came to see him... before i met him the second time. He said, he told her about it and she cried. But they are not together now, I wonder why? He loved her so much, he tattoed her name on his arm. He said, she was the only woman he loved that deeply and he doesn't think he'll ever love like that again. He told me from the beginning, she cheated on him so did he to get revenge (something I don't agree with but to each their own).

He is a great guy... He says, he hasn't been the best guy to other gurls and maybe he had to go through what he had to go through with his ex to make him a better man... He is making me happy thus far. We have a lot in common and he treats me like no other man has.

I'm hurt because even though we all have expiration dates... i feel as though i shouldn't get attached to him. So i try not to, but it's hard... He's just perfect for me. I just don't want him to be with me because he's afraid of being alone only... I want him to be with me because he cares and he feels that we can make each other happy.

Even though he still feels for his ex... he tells me, it was just not meant to be with her. Its been a short time and I've already gotten major blows from him... its hard to handle... First the coke, then his feelings for his ex, now he has leukemia. What else? He told me, anything else doesn't compare with the fact that he has leukemia. He says that i'm young, and even though some of his friends told him for him to wait until i fell in love with him to tell me about his condition... He decided to tell me now. that it was my choice to be with him or not... But that either way. He'll respect it and he would move on. Some times i think he doesn't care, and he just wants someone to be there for him. It's too early in the relationship to even think that he'll love me. I don't love him yet like that. Little by little though, i feel more for him. What should I do? Why is he telling me all of this?

I stopped talking to a man, because I was talking to him. I'm very faithful and it seems he believes in loyalty as well... He always says, respect, love and loyalty is all I need. But why me? He says he has gone out with other gurls after his ex and him broke up. But he lost interest quick... yet with me its different. I don't know what his purpose in my life is... maybe to make me happy until the day he last breathes... But I had so many dreams, and I don't know if he'll be there to make them reality with me... I guess i'll have to put them aside and just go with it. Live day by day... what do you think?


I really like this guy at work and we have great chemistry. Everyone says we look as if we are in love because when we speak its like no one else is in the room. He has confided in me when we first met 5months ago how he was still in love with his ex whom he was with for two years. It's been 5years and he still isn't over her. I recently started a relationship with another guy, but Lance(guy from work) has told me he loves me, and he also gets extremely jealous and quiet when I mention my boyfriend. I want to be with Lance but how can I when he isn't ready to move on from his ex? Any suggestions?


i like this guy who used to date my friend which is how i met him they were still dating and when they broke up i started to really start to like him we did the whole flirtin thing and one day he asked me to go c a movie wit him and sum friends so i went n we had a good time we flirted for like a week and a half more then i asked him 4 a ride home one day and on the way he asked me if i wanted to come over to c his puppy n whn we got there we flirted a lot more than normally and openly and he had me chase him up to his bedroom and we ended up kissing and after he asked me how i was feelin n everythin thn he tld me he was so confused bout his life n college n he tld me tht he does like me but hes not ready 4 a relationship but if he ever gets me alone (thn he started kissin me again) he dropped me off later n another day i went over 2 his house n sum other times we hung out in his truck n outside we even snuck out n hung out 4 awhile at like 1 in the mornin but then a couple days ago he got a girlfriend he found out tht i was upset because one of the people i tld ended up tellin a few people n they tlked 2 him without my knowledge n he ended up IMing me and tellin me he was sorry n i tld him i was confused so he had me call him n he kept tellin me hes sorry n was sayin how he couldnt really c us goin out rite now n he hopes we can still b "best friends" n i told him how im not sure if ill b able 2 hang out wit him so soon n he was tellin me he understood thn the one friend i told bout him said he was gonna break his jaw because whn he tlked 2 him earlier tht day he told him tht i was "tlkin" wit one of my friends whn i really wasnt so even though i wasnt goin 2 tlk him 4 awhile i felt tht i had 2 warn him so i did but we didnt really tlk 4 the rest of the day but i still notice him lookin at me im just so confused and i dont kno wht 2 do i really like him and i want 2 b in a relationship wit him


Why is it that he can't get over his ex and wants to come and find me?

We started off a bit too fast and I wasn't aware that he was not over her yet. Barely into the relationship he confessed to me that he isn't ready for a relationship and asked if I could give him time. He still wants us to hang out together and remains in contact.

I though I might be able to accept this "no status r/s" but I couldn't. I kept thinking why does he made me feel that he was in love in me from the start and then back away suddenly? Is he playing me? We kissed and hugged everytime we met but we just behave like friends in public. There was once I insisted on going his place for dinner and after that we end up making out in his room.

He's making me going crazy and we'd end up both feeling sad whenever I asked him about us.

One night he asked me to go slp over at his place so that he can hug me to slp. I kept asking him why is he doing so but he just mentioned that he wanted me. But he isn't all going to commit. He said he don't want marriage and don't be lieve in everlasting anymore. So why is he doing this to me?

I am totally devastated. What should I do? I love him and wants to be with him so badly. Yet I don't know if clinging on to him like this would he eventually be able to forget his ex and be ready to start a relationship if me ever?

Everytime I tried to start on this topic he'd shut me off. How do I ever go into talking about us with him and have a heart to heart talk?


There is this guy i really like but on msn he never brings up subjects or talks. but he sometimes looks at me. he says i am his best friend as a girl. he has never had a girl friend and i really like him. my friend likes him to and he talks alot to her but not to me. he just blanks me so i was wondering if he likes me??


I've been talking to this guy for 9 months now.We're not official, he wants take things slow but I want us to start dating. He's the only guy in my life and I'm the only girl in his life EXCEPT one of his ex girlfriends. It's not his most recent ex it's the one before her. It's clear he isn't over her, they argue like their a couple and he gets so upset when they fight. He still loves her and he tells her he loves her in front of me she also love him to but she has a boyfriend and she has made it clear that she wants to be with her boyfriend. I use to be jealous of her but now I know that they aren't getting back together. I know he cares about me but I feel like he likes her and cares about her more than me and I know he wants her back. At the same time I know he wants to be with me. I am kind of jealous, I'm more hurt than jealous I feel like I'm never going to measure up to her. I really want to stay with him but I don't want to be the one to get my feelings hurt in the end. I don't know if me and him are ever going to be official.


Okay here goes....I messed up and i need to know what is the best approach for my situation. I've ben seeing a guy for a year and half...while we were both separated. I am now officially divorced and he is almost there. Anyway, we generally see each other every friday night especially on the weekends when neither of us have our kids. Well this past Friday afternoon he sends me a text that he's gonna go help a buddy with his boat and then go to the river in the morning...meaning he was staying there overnight....i didn't respond cause I was disappointed and knew anything I said wouldn't come out right. He text back a couple times asking if I was going to respond...I think he knew I was upset....anyway at 10:30 p.m. i finally text back and tell him to have a great time and I would see him tomorrow night(Sat)...well when he text back he did not rebutt that and said goodnight to me...something we always do. Well on Saturday afternoon I text him and asked what he was up to and he said he was still in the river floating...i asked him if was going to miss his son's baseball game and he responded saying yes I told him I immediately text back and say so are you coming home tonight? I get no response...I send several more texts and I must admit they got worse as I went on ...basically saying gee thanks, you dont care about me...are u home the last one which was the dumbest saying " please just tell me..i feel it with everything in me you are with someone else...jus tell me....That text was at 1:00 a.m. then I finally went to sleep...he never responded all day from 3:00 p.m. and all thru the night. The next morning he did text at 7:40 and said I really hate when you get like that...never any ME time...I didnt respond. The next day he text.."still mad at me?" I still didn't respond. Finally on Tuesday I text him at 4:00 p.m. and asked if he wanted to go for a ride...he said, "dont know, you no like me right now". Anyway we exchanged a few more texts of him saying it was kinda hard for him to answer when he was in the water..and that he didn't appreciate the accusation and he didn't get the messages until late. I don't really buy that completely since I know he checked his phone somewhere after 3:00 plus I text him immediately after I asked about his son's game which he responded to, however my next text was the one that said are you coming home tonight. Anyway we did end up getting together for that ride got some food and sat in a park area to eat and talk. I ended up apologizing for the accusation and jus asked if he might be a little more considerate of my time and feelings so that I could make plans with friends too. Told him I would not put him in that position again and I was sorry. He said well I heard that before. Yes I did act insecure one other time almost a year ago when he did a very similar thing...left for the whole weekend with no communication...naturally I felt dissed and assumed he was with someone issues I know....I told him I would be more mindful of his need for guy time and he said it wasn"t neccessarily guy time just wanted some "ME" time now and then. I told him I respected that and I promised I would not do that again....then I asked him if he would forgive me and he said maybe...he needs to think about it. So we go back to his apartment and watch some baseball and chat about random stuff. When I left I asked for a hug and he said "I guess"..but he did give me a big i was leaving he says with no prompting from me...I'm still thinking. I guess that means he's still deciding whether to forgive me. When I got home I text him goodnight and he said goodnight back. This morning I sent a text that said.."hey..jus wanted to say thanks for seeing me last night...I can tell by your eyes you're pretty perturbed with me...i am really sorry I put you in that position..i do hope you will eventually find a way to forgive me....." Okay now he did not respond at all and it's been 4 here"s the question finally....Is he really irritated, thinks I'm too emotional, doesn't believe me when I say I won't let it happen again so he won't forgive me until he thinks or I prove that I mean it? Or is he just making me sweat and gonna keep me at arms length for awhile?


My ex and I broke up 3 weeks ago. He broke up with me. It was the third time over a four month period. The first time he said when he gets close to someone he pulls away. The second time we were fighting to much, and this last time he was fed up w/ me talking to ex boyfriends and other guys. I really fell hard for this guy. (he is the first relationship since my divorce a year ago) I noticed I would talk about my ex's due to lack of attention or to show him that they still wanted me (thinking that would make him want me more- WRONG!) It just made him frustrated and unable to really trust me. I aknowledge what I did was wrong, however he wasnt perfect either. The one time we broke up I was on the phone trying to get him back and he was texting one of his girl friends and flirting w/ her saying how sexy she was, and I also ended up finding a picture of a girls boobs on his cell while we were together, and his response was its no big deal, its just boobs! I was like, so would u like it if I had pics of guys on my phone?? Why is it always a double standard w/ guys?
Anyways...this last time he broke up with me we have obviously not gotten back together. However, we have slept with one another a few times, and we have tried to be friends, but that leds to fighting. I ran into him the other night at a bar, and he said he still likes me, it's just hard. I asked him if we could be friends and he said ok. However, now he is ignoring me again...what is his deal? He said before it's to hard to be friends right now and that he needs time, but why has he slept with me since the breakup on more than one occasion and why does he tell me he still likes me and would sleep with me and hangout with me?? He told me during our relationship "I've never felt this way about anyone," "I want to grow old w/ you," "I love you more than anything." He has also now said he lied the whole relationship and never meant anything he said. Do you think that is really true? He calls me names and he says that is his way of dealing with everything that happened between us. What is his deal? Do you think he really likes me still? He Im so confused- please help. Thank you!


I saw this guy on an elevator at my job. We later discovered that we had a mutual friend. We inquired about each other through a mutual friend. He was in a relationship at the time and they were living together, so he never pursued or called. He recently broke up with his girlfriend and asked her to move out. He called me, and then we went out on a date. He did say that he was a little upset about the breakup, but he also stated that he knew that it had to happen eventually because he wasn't happy, and she wasnt his normal type. He didn't tell me this, but a friend told me that she was a little plump, and she didn't like to go out much. Anyway, we had a wonderful time. He even started planning for us going on future dates. In fact, he even drove around for a while because he stated that he wasn't ready to end our date. He told me how much he liked me. He even called our mutual friend several times the day after we went out to tell her thanks, and that he thought I was perfect. Well, later on that same day, I text him. He never returned my text or called. I found out that he was back with his ex, and that she was moving into his new apartment with him. I think she found out about the date, because she started putting things about them on her myspace page. He hasn't called me since. I haven't tried to contact him again either. However, I think about him a lot. I don't know what to do. I'm wondering what happened. What should I do? Can, you explain to me what could have happened?


My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost a year, and he has actually bought an engagement ring for me (but hasn't proposed yet, he is waiting for the right moment). We met at college and the whole first year was absolutely wonderful. I have never felt more loved in my entire life. But over the summer, things changed. He lives 6 hours away from me when we are not at school together, so I only got to see him twice. I found out that he had gone to this girl's house several times and never even told me that they were friends. She was a co-worker of his and she is very flirty. I asked him about it several months before and he had actually called her a "ho". But then (back to summer) he spends time at her house with her family and he only tells me because his brother threatened to do so. I was absolutely hurt by that. Then, for my birthday, he decided to go to visit camp friends (where one of his ex's were) instead of seeing me. He texted me happy birthday, but then called me for about 2 minutes. Now we are back at school. I had to go to the emergency room due to abdominal pain, it was so bad that it was very hard to walk. He let me borrow his car, but didn't really seem to worry about it. Other friends were calling me and several came to the hospital with me. When I came back, I told him what was wrong, and he barely paid attention. Now, he is a small group leader and told me that he wouldn't have that much time to spend with me. I understood that, but now he is a completely different person. He makes promises (pinky swears, I know it's corny, but it's something that we do lol) that he doesn't keep, and then get's mad at me and shut's down when I get upset that he breaks so many promises. He is so distant now and he puts everything and everyone else before me. It hurts, and I don't know what happened. Please help me understand!


My ex-boyfriend from 6 years ago came back into the picture over the Summer. We have been on multiple dates and even went away for the weekend - just the two of us. Long story short, I broke up with him because he wanted to get serious and I did not want that. So I broke up with him and dated someone else. I was 21, he 22. I have realized how stupid a move that was. But you cannot change your past and I was still young. Moving forward, he tells me he does want a relationship with me but cannot break the wall he built around me. He said that he has been trying, but when I broke up with him it hurt him mentally and physically and he said that he can't go down that road again. So he is in a struggle with himself over this. My question to you is what can I do to help him break this wall? Is there anything I can do?


I dated this person for 3 weeks.
He lives alone.
I went to his apartment one evening, had used the bathroom and saw evidence of a sexual relation sitting at the top of the garbage can for anyone to see.
It was a make shift pantie liner made of toilet paper to absorb after sex secretions.
Now he tells me that he lets some other guy use his apartment when he isn't home.
We split up over this, but how many guys allow their buddies to use their place as a F**k pad and sleep in the wet spots of others?


I've been in a relationship with this guy for about 6 months now. we have a great relationship overall, except for the exes. i have 3 kids with my ex and he has 1 with his. he moved in about a month ago, but yet still he's not here too often. when we we're together for about a month his child was born. so at first he spent a lot of time at the exes so he could see his baby.(she says thats the only way he can see her) anyway, a few months have passed and he's still at her house a lot. not only that but they text each other ALL THE TIME! what's going on it really his daughter or his he playing both of us?


My best friend is a guy and the other we were texting each other and he asked me if I had ever liked him. What did he mean by that, does he like me?


I have been with my current boyfriend for almost 6 years. We have been through alot: I have caught him talking to other girls behind my back and he has cheated on me in the past, but like a dumbass I forgave him. We have lived together for 5 years but now thats we have our own place together and he is driving me insane, he doesn't ever want to go anywhere or do anything and all he wants to do is get high and play video games. He throws a complete fit if I have friends over or if I want to go anywhere and if I go despite his tantrum he calls and texts my phone non-stop until I come home. He doesn't pay any attention to me at all, and I feel disgusted with him when he tries because it just feels fake. From day one he was never the "nice guy."

I have met another guy, who is just a friend but has made it obvious that he would love to try something. He is a gentleman, opens doors for me, listens to what I have to say and always wants to go somewhere and do something and he thinks the same way as me ... whenever we are around each other we laugh non-stop

... what do I do? Thanks guys =]


HI, ive had feelings for this one guy for years. He sweet, horribly honest(which i love), and hes very smart(even makes me feel dumb sometime). In college, even when we had other relationships going on we would help each other do projects and spend as much time as we could together. We even kissed each other a couple of times and walked away liked nothing happened. Now were both single for the first time in like seven years we talked about a realtionship but both dont wanna be in one right now. However, we both wanna sleep with eachother. So now im comfused. because he holds my hand alot, texts me everyday, go to luch at least twice a week, and he even ditched his buddies to cown sit at my house. But, we both still talk about our ex's and his even has pictures of them together at the park and freaken grand canyon together. Should i tell him forget it or tell him a realationship or nothing even when i dont think im ready for one.


I have been seeing this guy for about 1 1/2 months. We see each other a few times a week and we get along great. He will be leaving in this summer for a long while (like six months)and just a few weeks ago I let him know that I had some reservations about continuing to see him because I am starting to really like him. I have decided to just live day to day and enjoy the time I do have with him. The next time we were to together he said "I don't want you to think that just because I am not always all over you, that I don't find you sexy and attractive". Strange comment out of the blue. Ever since that comment we have not had sex, where before it was not constant, but at least it happened. He said that he just has not though much of sex lately because of new diet/exercise regimen. Is that possible? He is 26 and we are very affectionate otherwise.
What do you think?


Okay so my boyfriend of almost 2 years broke up with me a little over a month ago. We texted randomly through text the other night and he told me to go see him. I never thought we would get back together so I was happy when he asked me to go. The only problem was that about 3 weeks after he broke up with me, I was still very upset and wouldn't let him go and would send him messages cursing at him about how much I hated him for breaking up with me. One night after I sent him continuous nasty text messages, I received one back from another girl telling me to leave him alone. I assumed he was going to hook up with this girl or something and was very hurt even more by this. I hated him so much after that and ended up going to a guys house and being sexually active with him. We did not have sex but did other things. Also, my boyfriend always had trust issues with me because I had lied to him about many things and he ended up finding out the truth and I had a bad past that he could never really get over. On top of that, right before we broke up, I got a call from a random guy and told my boyfriend I was kind of hoping it was a guy I had talked to before we were dating (one of the reasons we broke up was because I was hoping that). The worst part is that the guy I was hoping called me was the one I was sexually active with after the whole text message situation. It was mostly out of complete anger but I really regret ever doing it because now my ex boyfriend told me it was his sisters friend and he didn't even know she had his phone. He also told me he hasn't kissed or done anything with any girls after we broke up which makes me feel even worse. When I went to go see him I told him what I had done and he asked if he knew the guy. I wouldn't tell him but he figures that he does. He told me he wanted to get back together but now he's not sure because of what I did. I really want to get back with him more than anything but he wants me to tell him who the guy was and how it happened. I feel like if I tell him though it will just hurt him a lot and I've already hurt him too much. He says it will make it better but I don't see how. I don't know if I should tell him or not and just stop thinking about getting back together. I love him more than anything and he loves me, and we want to be together so bad, but I messed up so many times already and pretty much had another chance to make it work again, but I messed that up too. Now I am so confused and don't know what to do because I honestly thought when he broke up with me, he would never want to get back. So should I tell him who the guy was and everything? Will it make it better so he will get back with me after? Or should I not tell him and just move on from him and tell him to do the same?


Hey I was wondering what do guys genrally look for in a girl?

Jessie Norris

I have this guy that I think is interested in me and I would like to if it would be a great idea on approaching him or some how letting him know that I am interested too?


So I have a friend that I have been talking to for about 3 weeks. We both decided to be only friends for now. We talk to each other and sometimes see each other every day. One night he kissed me, and Im not saying I am against it, but does this mean he still wants to be friends?
I know that we are hella attracted to each other, but I think we both know that we shouldnt get together too fast.


Which one of the two do men remember more? Their first love or the person they had sex for the first time?


I am totally confused. I have NEVER dated anyone I work with but when this new guy started at work we got along so well and talked AT WORK for about 4 months. He always hinted about getting together but never asked me out, so I did it. We've now been seeing eachother for the past 4 months. He asks to see me every weekend, but during the week dosen't call me or text me and we only see eachother at work once in a while. the other day he had a work related question and asked me if it was OK IF HE CALLED ME???? (hello I sleep with this guy, why would he even ask me that?) he says he isn't seeing anyone else but is on one of thoes single sites. He's introduced me to his sister and his friends (which BTW are all openly GAY). Sex is every weekend but he won't perform oral sex which is very strange to me! I don't know whats going on, if i'm his booty call why is he with me all weekend (accept for firdays) and introducing me to friends and family??? I don't know if I should push for more or if this guy just dosen't like me and I should leave it alone????


About 4 years ago I married "the one". Let me tell you this was an amazing relationship! He made me feel beautiful, we laughed together all the time, we talked about everything, we had the same goals for the future...perfect...2 years into our marriage he tells me one day that he has met someone else, he is no longer in love with me, and he wants a divorce. This was VERY out of the blue! Things had been wonderful...or so I thought. I was shocked, devastated, and a complete mess. Everyone was shocked. He did not seem like the type of guy to pull something like this, and he seemed so in love with me, and I thought about it I realized it wasn't US he was unhappy with, it was himself. He was totally self-destructing. In the end I stood by him, convinced that we were meant to be together and he needed help...and 3 months later he came back.We were working on things, and he said he realized he loved only me, wanted to be with me for always, made tons of promises, etc.
Soon after that I became pregnant. He was so excited! He was amazing during the pregnancy, the birth, and the first few months after the baby was born. He started complaining a bit about diaper changes, but we would talk about it and work it out. ...and then, the day before my very first mother's day...he told me he's not in love with me anymore, and he may want to end the marriage. Sound familiar?
But since he wasn't cheating this time, I was still quite determined that we could work through this. He would say we could work on things, then change his mind. We still celebrated our 4yr anniversary (he purchased a weekend stay at a hotel I had been wanting to go to for a while) and even then had a good time despite the situation, which gave me hope. Our actual anniversary was on a weekday, and I decided to send him flowers at work. He was so weird about it. Like it made him uncomfortable. He's not the type of guy who is uncomfortable with love displays like that...the next day I found out he had been cheating on me with a girl from work. Pretty much since he told me he was "no longer in love with me"
I moved out immediately. The marriage is over! I don't believe in divorce if it can be avoided...but in this case, sadly it cannot. We are remaining friends because of the child we have together...but it makes everything harder. Also, I keep remembering the good times. I am still completely in love with this guy. He's broken every promise he ever made me, but he's so charming and sweet when I talk to him I can hardly muster any anger, at least not for long. He's also self-destructing I am worried about it. I know I sound like a complete fool.
I'm not sure how to get over this. I am doing the right thing right???? I'm so afraid I'll never find someone who will make me as happy as he did (when he was "in love") AND then won't just change their mind one day out of the blue.
I am so afraid that he really is the one and I am throwing it away. But then, I remember he threw it away, not me. I guess it isn't really a question per say, I just need to hear from an impartial 3rd party that I am doing the right thing...and maybe some advice on falling out of love with this charming liar would be good too.
I want to move on. And I want to believe that there are men out there who don't just throw their family away once they make a commitment...

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