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June 20, 2008


katie green

i have a question.i met this guy in high school we were really good friends but i knew he liked me he told me all the time,but i insisted the just friends things.during our friendship he would constantly stay around me at school(no air)then randomly pull the things like oh i dont want to be your friend,you dont care about me.and act depressed.later come back an apologize in a couple of days...well that lasted about a year of just friends and i decided to date him finally.he seemed excited and happy.hes very clingy and always wanting attention,but it seems like after a single argument he ready to end like forreal?he tells me he cant get emontially attached.we dont speak for months after the break up.this has been going on for on/off dating thing for 2-3 years and im tired of trying to keep him.whats wrong with this kid???

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