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Ok so there's this guy who's really confusing me. We met 4 months ago at college, and we actually made out once at a party (he came on to me).
Anyways he's always teasing me, sending me text messages from time to time, looking at me in class (that's what my friends told me), giving me air kisses.
But when we talk he tells me things like "you're not cute enough for me" or "I like european girls" (I'm not european), even though he acknowledged that I'm one of the prettiest girls in our class.

Bottom line, I can't understand if he's interested in me or not. I kinda like him, so I hope you guys could help me with this !


My boyfriend and I have been dating for 5 months. Everything's great he says hes happy when hes around me and that we get along great. There's just one problem, when he's not with me, he's always on a online dating site. He spends hours on the site and numerous times perhaps 12 times a day. Yes, I'm watching his p's and q's it's in my best interest to do so. I would rather know. I think this is instrumental as a personal issue he has though not a break up reason. I did confront him and he in turn said I don't take it seriously and he's not putting himself out there. I don't agree and ultimately I broke up with him because he wants all the benefits of a relationship without being committed to it. He's very upset with me and put in his profile my ideal match, is simple. Keep an open mind and be simplistic to the things we do.... I'm just hurt by his remark, because I'm so not deserving of that. He thinks he's right. What's your thought?

Confused girl

My fiancé has been talking to this girl (they both work at the same place, a hospital) I believe they have been talking for about 1 year or two because I just knew about her and they have been texting so much lately. The other day I got upset because I could not find my phone and wanted to use his phone to call me and he did not even let me see it because they were texting each other, I got mad at him. He said I was making a big deal out of nothing that they are just bff’s. I asked what they talk about every day and all day; he said, just things such as what they are doing, their relationships, etc. He told me that they also talk about their sexual life, that’s when I got very mad and ask him to tell me what exactly they talk about. He said about her and her boyfriend not having enough sex and everything she does and will do in order for him to want to have sex with her, and he told her about our sex life also. I told him that whatever happens in our private life when it comes to that topic is between us and not a third person, he asked why it was ok for me to talk about that with my friends which I clarified that I do it only with my best friends which are my sister and my girlfriend that I grew up with and known for 15 years now. I never discuss that with male friends and if I do have a question I do not give them detail about it. Was I wrong to be mad at him? I also texted the girl and told her that I was very upset and don’t think it was appropriate to be talking about that topic, she replied by saying sorry guess me and my boyfriend are just open-minded people.


I actually said words, "I can't do this anymore" but he was the one who made it impossible for me to get any closer to him. He came on strong, then as soon as I let him in, he gets distant, hot cold. I'm sure you know the drill. I understand because we've both been in bad relationships. I knew he needed more time. I know he had is guard up and he even told me he refuses to be heartbroken again. He never said the word "girlfriend" Pretty obvious to me he couldn't commit. I met his friends, but not his closest and not his family. He was fine around mine. I told him i couldn't go on day to day not knowing what he wanted of this. esp since he never really talked about it. He didn't want to take a trip with me because he "didn't want to get my hopes up" I had to pull it out of him too. We never had a fight, we were awesome together. The day we broke up, he was extremely consoling, even shed a tear, but never commented. I hated leaving his house knowing I'd never see him intimately anymore, and he hated to see me leave. Sucks to have everything so right and the only thing holding it up was that he was not capable of having a relationship at the same time I was. But thats everything. Here's the question. He texted few weeks later just to say hi and hoped I was good. Little by little, the texts started back, a few phone calls, him offering help me with house things etc. and we had a few phone calls that lasted the usual 2hrs. WHY IS HE DOING THIS? He's as sweet as he always is, and he invited me out where he bumped into a few of my friends. Is he just being selfish? We are on the same communication path as we were in the beginning. I know I should tell him he's confusing me. So if he's still interested in me, why doesn't he tell me? He knows why I left the situation. He's "getting my hopes up" when just 5 mos ago he didn't want to. I've moved on, but would take him back in a heartbeat if he told me he loved me.

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